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Teens: Gifts With Gilded, Ragged Edges

40 Is A Magic Number

The ’70’s Shows We Can’t Wait to Share With Our Teens

Why Sesame Street‘s Move to HBO is a Loss for Everyone





10 Reasons I’m Jealous Of My Small-Breasted Friends


huff po

Huffington Post

Santa Guilt

Missing: One Bunny Boy

Why The Elf On The Shelf Will Not Be Coming To My House



Christian Science Monitor

It’s a nerd’s world





What the Flicka?

Embracing Imperfection and The Concept of Enough

That’s Mommy Warrior To You

An Open Letter to My Uterus

Kindergarten is Hell

He Said “Get Help Or We’re Through”




The Older I Get, The More I Want The Things Money Can’t Buy

Ferguson, Missouri Is Why I Don’t Watch The News

How the Doctor Helped Save My Son From a Shark Girl

Mother of the Year Will Be Anyone But Me

If Only I Had A Penis

Oh, Captain, My Captain:  Mourning Robin Williams




What a Wonderful World It Would Be









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