Coming May 7, 2019 

Haunting Suspicion

Our lives can change suddenly because of those around us—both living and dead.

Valerie Calhoun wanted three things: the perfect house, a baby, and a flourishing career as a true crime writer. She gets more than she bargained for when she and her husband, Cooper, purchase their dream home in rural Ohio. To start, they find out the previous owner was murdered in the upstairs bedroom. To complicate things further, it’s haunted by two ghosts. Caught between chasing her feeling that an innocent woman was wrongly convicted of murder, avoiding danger to keep from having another miscarriage, and trying to figure out what the ghosts want, Valerie is forced to face her inner demons and re-evaluate what’s most important in life. Can Valerie prove an innocent woman went to jail and the murderer is still at large? How high is the cost if she succeeds? What do two ghosts who died 150 years apart have to do with it all? Don’t miss Haunting Suspicion the first in the Valerie Calhoun Mystery series by Miranda Gargasz.


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