Channeling My Inner Sybil

Ever have one of those days when the second your feet hit the floor your self-esteem is already circling the drain?  Welcome to Thursday.

I got up with that familiar back pain that says “Hi!  Your week of pain BEFORE your period is here!”  Every time my right foot touched the ground a searing pain shot down my leg.  I hobbled over to wake Tony, our resident early bird, for school.  Then I hobbled back to bed for ten blessed minutes until I had to begin the 20 minute wake-fest that is Jimmy.

Tony overslept, which is never a good sign.  I woke him and Jimmy at the same time, only to find that Tony had a migraine.  The poor kid looked like death warmed over.  Jimmy had fallen asleep listening to his MP3 player, unbeknownst to me.  I stood in the door like Ben Stiller chanting, “Jimmy.  Jimmy.  Jimmy.”  When I got no response I screamed, “JAMES PETER!” And got nothing.  Thinking to myself that my back hurt too much to go downstairs and get a squirt bottle, I walked over and shook him.  Again, nothing.

My mind went immediately to “OH MY BABY IS DEAD!” and Freak Out Time commenced.  I was on the bed in a heartbeat shaking the living crap out of him.  His eyes popped open and I screamed.

“MOM!  Geez!” he said, ripping his earbuds out of his ears.

“Oh, God, Jimmy,” I said, instantly sobbing.  “Don’t you EVER do that to me again!”

I sat at the foot of his bed, weeping, for a good ten minutes.

That’s when Tony started vomiting.  I raced into the bathroom to check on him.

“It’s just my headache, Mom.”

“Go back to bed, baby.”

By now my back was really kicking up a fuss because, hello, running and jumping and shaking aren’t exactly a list of things one should attempt when their back is screaming.  I limped back to bed, waiting for Jimmy to finish his shower before trying to go down the stairs.

Later in the morning, after getting Jimmy off to school, I sat talking to Jim about Tony’s migraines and I burst out crying again.  The poor kid has been seeing a neurologist for nearly three years because of these headaches and we have had no way to really stop them.  I feel helpless to keep my kid from feeling like a truck ran his head over.  During the conversation, he threw up two more times.

Then later in the day he started running a fever.  I started to worry and fuss over him.

Then the school called.  Jimmy was being bad. I started feeling the old Rage Monster boiling under my ribs.

Then we got the news that our loan made it through the final approval for buying a home.  I started feeling elated at the good news.

Then Tony threw up.  Again.

Jimmy came home and was all “Angst.  Angsty-angst.”

Then the dog ran away after some squirrels.

And Jim was mad that I forgot to buy Saran Wrap.

I’m telling you now.  I have no more tears, anger, worry or elation in me.  My body has run the gamut of emotions.  Just call me Sybil.

Thursday can take a flying leap, and it’s only 4:30 p.m.

Calgon and I have a date at 4:35 p.m.


4 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Sybil

  1. Bad touch Bear says:

    Reoccurring migraines that equate to vomiting?! How much time does he spend infront of a computer?
    While I don’t think its the computer – maybe he needs a sensatory break? I have a Aunt that suffered from monster migraines as a teen; but she never went into detail how she got around them or how bad they were.

    I hope Tony can ‘Grow out’ of this.
    I also hope your other son doesn’t go deaf – seriously ear buds are no good.


    • Miranda Gargasz says:

      Oh, trust me. We’ve had the discussion about ear buds. I hate them. Tony’s migraines are triggered by seasonal allergies, stress, and hormones. Every growth spurt this happens. He also gets them from me. I’ve suffered migraines since the age of 13. I have kids who have very limited time in front of the television and the computer. Believe me. I hear all about how I’m raising them Amish because I don’t let them overdose on the electronic teat.


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